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Webb & Son specializes in commercial, institutional, agricultural, and industrial construction. We have built hospitals, churches, schools, government and private office buildings, giant sized agricultural storage sheds, food processing plants, supermarkets, manufacturing plants, among others.

Webb & Son offers a variety of services including project planning, preliminary estimating, permit processing, project management, and "turn key" project construction. Our experience allows us the ability to conceptualize your needs and bring them into reality in a project that is functional to you, within your budget, and constructed within a timely manner.

Although we strongly believe the best value for your project is obtained in partnering with you from the initial stages of your project through the construction and post construction phases, we recognize that not all projects lend themselves to this approach due to various regulations. For that reason Webb and son offers numerous delivery methods.


Projects constructed pursuant to the provision set forth in CA Education Code Section 17406, which authorizes school district governing boards, without advertising for bids, to lease property currently owned by a school district to any person, firm or corporation for a minimum of $1 per year, as long as such lease requires the other party to construct (or provide for the construction of) a building or buildings on the subject property and that title to the subject property and the buildings vest in the school district at the expiration of the lease. This statutory language requires school districts to first lease its property to a chosen design-build contractor.

This delivery method to construct has been recognized by the CA Legislature as a proven method to deliver school facilities on time, in budget and with a reduced level of public agency risk associated with design issues, delays and cost overruns..


With the Design/Build scenario Webb and Son assembles the entire Design and Construction Team. Together, under our direction, we work to provide you with a complete Design and Construction project.

Design Assist

Perhaps you have already chosen your Design Team. Most Design Teams welcome input from the Contractor during the Design Phase to ensure constructability so that the Client receives the best value, while minimizing the changes during the Construction Phase.

Often this, and the Design/Build approach, use a negotiated bid contract method that is arrived at during the initial stages of the development of the project. By including Webb& Son construction as a part of the Team with a negotiated bid contract we can help assure the success of your project while still in the Design Phase. Webb and Son construction is able to work with Clients using a variety of agreements, commonly we use Negoiated Bid, Lump Sum, Guaranteed Maximum Price, and Cost Plus a Fee.

Regardless of the level of our involvement, with Webb & Son constructions experts in the office and in the field the foundation is laid for a successful project delivery at a very competitive price.


Metal Buildings

Webb & Son is your local authority in the use and construction of prefabricated metal building construction and modification. We have relied on Star and Nucor steel buildings for the past 15 years and stand behind both their products and value.

Star Building Systems and Nucor Steel Buildings are the leading manufacturers of custom designed metal building systems for commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural use. Both are know throughout the industry for their reputation for quality…quality products, quality construction and quality relationships. The end result for the customer is a building solution that meets and exceeds their expectations, from start to finish


Green building is a process that fosters the conservation of energy and other natural resources and promotes a healthy environment. Becoming a green company is an opportunity to add value to your company by incorporating some of the strategies used by Fortune 100 companies to align their vision with their businesses and increase their bottom line.

Corporate America has been undergoing a quiet revolution in sustainability for over a decade, and since then, the United States has become the most productive nation in the world. Join Webb & Son construction in making the right choices in building for the future.